The Municipality of Gjøvik have the pleasure of presenting Gjøvik Olympic Mountain Hall, built for accommodating ice-hockeymatches of the 17th Olympic Winter Games in 1994.
There was a choice between an underground arena and a ordinary outdoor arena. The Municipality chose to build an underground cavern, in the center of town, at the end of our High street. We already had a sports hall here; One of the worlds first underground swimming pools, completed in 1974.
Valuable experience was gained from this. We wanted to stimulate activity and create a better environment in the centre of town, to put Gjøvik on the world map and lay the foundations for increased tourism and trade.


The idea

"The decision is Lillehammer". We will never forget those words uttered by the IOC President Juan Antionio Samaranch in Seoul in 1988, when Norway was chosen to host the winter Olympic Games. This presented a huge challenge and involved the construction of several large sports facilities. The municipality of Gjøvik was given the challenge of staging several of the ice-hockey matches, and since the town did not possess one - a new arena had to be built.

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Technical information – specifications

Gj¢vik Olympic Mountain Hall is the worlds largest hall - for public use - and also technically unique.
Dimensions ;
61x91x25 meters
Seating capasity ; 5830
Net area ; 10.010
Cross area ; 14910
Total cost ; MNOK 135,0
Stadium ; 1965 m2

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The research programme "Underground Public Arenas" was led by Norway's leading research institutes. Without this intercurricular research programme the project could never have been carried out.
The project was divided into the following areas ;
• Ventilation, energy, fire and safety
• - The enviroment, safety and documentation
• - Rock mechanics and engineering geology
- Laws and regulations

The project also included international marketing of Norwegian underground technology in general, and the publication of research linked to planning, construction and on operation of the Olympic Hall.

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The architecture

Gjøvik Olympic Mountain Hall is located in the town center - certified for almost 6.000 people, however you still can not see it. With its nine floors and floor area covering a whole block of the town centre, this sort of sports hall would be completely out of place in a small township of 1 - 2 story buildings. Well, it doesnt, its built 120 meters deep inside the mountain.

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